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Counseling Services

QSI International School of Dongguan provides academic and social/emotional counseling services to all students 2-18 years. Currently, serving the QSID students is Ms. Allison Levine, an American Certified Counselor from the United States. 

QSI believes that all students can be successful, and it is through their daily choices, will, and positive mindset that will ultimately garner their success. Below is an outline of how the QSID counselor supports students at QSID to be successful inside and outside the school.

Allison Levine

Elementary / Middle School Counseling Program

Within the elementary and middle school programs, the counselor works with students on the overall social/emotional well-being both in groups and with individual students who may need more support in such areas.

The counselor also provides support in academic progress through auxiliary positive behavior reinforcement and progress tracking initiatives.

Elementary Groups: 

  • At the elementary level, the counselor may establish small groups per age level in order to work on character building skills, self-care skills, and peer-to-peer relationship building skills. These groups change throughout the year and adapt to either specific students or the collective need of a class or age level. 

Middle School Groups: 

  • Middle School Boys Group
  • Middle School Girls Group

The middle School counseling groups are open groups that meet weekly. The middle school counseling groups have been established to allow for open dialogue among peers to share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and relatable environment. Depending on the needs of each group, the counselor and/or group leader may lead the session with a specific topic for the group members to unpack. . 

Secondary Counseling Program