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Do. Know. Believe. Success for All Students at QSID!

The schools of Quality Schools International (QSI) have been founded in order to provide a quality English medium, North American style, international education for students in Dongguan, China.

Admission to QSI Dongguan is aligned to the QSI mission, vision, and values. QSI Dongguan is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA) to ensure its alignment with the school system in the USA.

The QSID admissions team is excited for the opportunity to meet and engage with our local community and are happy to answer any questions, provide on-campus-tours, and assist in the application process for all incoming families.

For all information regarding admissions and the application process for QSI International School of Dongguan, please refer to the provided information below:

Admissions Team

Jenny Rong
Admissions Coordinator & Family Liaison
(Chinese Speaker)

Rosa Kim
Admissions Coordinator & Korean Family Liaison
(Korean Speaker)

I love my teacher! She greets me every morning. Oh....and she has tadpoles in her class!

- Cora, 4 YO

Quick Facts

QSID Enrolls: 260 Students ages Preschool - Secondary 4

QSID Hires highly qualified and certified foreign staff from the USA, Canada, UK, & Australia

Student Population: 24% Hong Kong, 20% South Korean, 16% Taiwan, 13 % USA, 7% Brazil, all together with 24 nationalities!!

QSID Mascot: The Tritons!

Contact Us!

Phone: +86-769-2230-0131
Fax: +86-769-2230-0130
E-Mail Address:

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Basic Requirements for Admission

school building

Application Process

English Language Requirements

QSI Dongguan accepts students with no previous experience with English from preschool through 13-year-old class (US Grade 8). However, students in the 11-year-old class and above must meet certain levels of English proficiency.

Secondary students must demonstrate increasing levels of language proficiency, as determined by an English language assessment administered at QSI Dongguan.  Minimum scores are required for admission. 

Older students with little or no English experience may expect to spend additional years enrolled in Secondary in order to graduate with a QSI diploma.

Special Needs

QSI admits students with limited learning needs, challenges, or disabilities once it has been determined that the student can succeed at the school. 

For students with moderate to severe disabilities, the school will review additional information including evaluations, reports, IEPs, or school referrals required to help the school assess whether a program can be provided to meet the academic needs of the applicant. 

Students identified with challenges the school is unable to effectively address can be denied admission to the school.