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Middle School

The middle school academic program meets the needs of students in the 11-13-year-old age group.  Students participate in a rigorous academic program of Mathematics, Literature and Writing, Science, Cultural Studies, Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education.  Mandarin Chinese and French are taught as foreign languages.

The middle school program is designed to prepare students for the rigors of the secondary program. In addition to the necessary academic training requirements, QSID advocates for students at this age level to:  

  • develop independent thinking skills,  

  • develop student agency in one’s approach to learning,  

  • assist and maintain cognitive and physical development by providing as many opportunities as possible to engage in physical sports and activities, as well as clubs and extra-curriculars.

QSI offers more than just an academic life. It is more than just a school. It is a family, a community.

- Kaua, 12YO

Did you know?

Once a week, students engage in a Keeping Safe Child Protection Lesson.

At a Glance

Academic Overview: In-Depth

First page of the PDF file: Learningasan11-year-old
First page of the PDF file: Learningasa12-year-old
First page of the PDF file: Learningasa13-year-old