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Intensive English

Intensive English Program Overview

The Intensive English program is designed to assist students with English fluency and comprehension levels lower than what is needed to be fully successful in mainstream content classes such as Math, Science, Reading and Writing. The goal of this program is to support your child’s progress in content classes while helping them increase their grade and fluency levels. 

Students are placed in classes with a higher Teacher to Student ratio to provide additional one-on-one and small group support towards a successful fluency growth rate. Our goal is to support each child in moving into a full mainstream schedule as quickly as possible. Every student is a wonderfully unique learner and as such their fluency level improvement and time spent in our Intensive English program will vary.

Velma Coccellato

Intensive English Coordinator

English Literacy Assessment Tools

We use a variety of tools to ascertain your child’s fluency and comprehension level when initially placing them and monitoring their progress. These tools include academic assessments that have years of data to support them and are globally accepted as educational best practices.